Latest album. "A Matter Of Time" released september 2018

Hello! I'm thrilled to be recording once again with producer David Mackay. Find the new album alongside all my other recordings. Available on amazon, and in all the usual places.

EVE GRAHAM is the voice on Coca – Cola’s famous ‘Hilltop’ commercial, the most successful TV advertising campaign of all time. The song ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ subsequently became a world-wide number one hit and earned her group, The New Seekers, a coveted Grammy nomination. In a U.K. poll in 2005, the song was voted the best song ever for a television commercial.

Eve also recorded the inspirational "Free to be - You and me".

The latest cd, “a matter of time” is Eve's fourth cd with the scotdisc label. Also available are the filmed versions of “the mountains welcome me home” and “a scottish christmas celebration”, which include stunning scenes from across scotland including rosslyn chapel (featured in The Da Vinci Code), and iona abbey. For details, visit

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Eve Graham

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